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Optimum utilization of Water Resource Potential.


  • Assessment of basinwise availability of surface water.
  • Creation of atchkat through construction of schemes.
  • Stabilization of existing atchkat by taking restoration / rejuvenation of M.I. Structures.
  • Assessment of basinwise availability of Ground water.
  • Development and preservation of ground water with suitable recharge structures.
  • Protection and preservation of water bodies relating to the department of Minor Irrigation.


  • To utilise the available water resource from river basins for Irrigation by construction of new MIS like Tanks, PT’s, Anicuts, Pickups, barrages, LIS, vented dams, check dams etc.
  • To assess and monitor Ground Water Potential.
  • To improve physical and operational performances of tanks, feeder channels by taking up rejuvenation works.
  • To take up programme of Flood Management works to mitigate problems in areas prone to frequent flooding.


  • Surveying, preparation of DPR, Administrative Approval and Technical Sanction
  • Construction of M.I.Structures under different schemes.
  • Construction of Ground Water Recharge structures like PT’s, dykes, barrages and check dams (without canal) etc.
  • Restoration and Rejuvenation of water bodies.
  • Repairs/Strengthening to various components of Tank system.
  • Surveying, fixing boundary stones, trenches, fencing and removal of encroachment of MIS.
  • Assess quality and quantity of Ground water and provide technical guidance for utilisation and preservation of Ground water.
  • Afforestation and construction of silt traps.
  • Protection works to agricultural lands in coastal areas to avoid salt water intrusion, protection works at vulnerable areas to prevent flooding and erosion.