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As in administration to bring about more transparency in tendering process ‘E’ procurement has been introduced. Thereby all the tendering process are done through online and contractors are able to participate without any constraints in the tender process.

All the works costing Rs.10.00 lakhs and above, are to be carried out through E-procurement system with effect from 1st December 2008 according to Government order No.DPAR 26 EGV 2003 (p-1) dated 12th November 2008. As a consequence to this order Centre for E-Governace department has supplied Desktop and UPS of 1 KVA capacity to all the subordinate offices of Minor Irrigation South Zone (Circle offices, Division & Sub division offices including Central Office). During 2008-09 all the technical staff of South Zone were imparted basic training and advance training and also issued Digital Signature Certificates.

Standard bid documents :

KW 1
KW 2
KW 3
KW 4
KW 5
KW 6

Refer E-Procurement portal under MI Department for Tender details