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The Geographical area of Karnataka State is 19.04 million hectare. The culturable area is 12.61 million hectare. Out of which, 61.00 lakh hectare area comes under Irrigation. It is estimated that, Irrigation potential of Minor Irrigation schemes are about 10.00 lakh hectare.

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Every year Annual Administration report & Annual reports showing the aims & achievements of the Minor Irrigation (South) are being published. These reports are submitted to Government & other related departments within the prescribed time.

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Tenders & Notifications

As in administration to bring about more transparency in tendering process ‘E’ procurement has been introduced. Thereby all the tendering process are done through online and contractors are able to participate without any constraints in the tender process.

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  • To begin with, survey work will be conducted for any new project to be taken up. Based on survey results, estimates will be prepared, reviewed and the administrative approval and Technical sanction will be obtained from the appropriate authority.

  • Implementing the Rules under Karnataka Irrigation Act.

  • Taking up construction of Minor Irrigation Schemes such as tanks, anicuts, pickups Lift Irrigation Schemes & barrages, both under State funds and financial assistance received from Central Government and NABARD.

  • Restoration of underground water level through percolation tanks.

  • Co-ordinating with Railways and other related departments for ensuring safe protection to Railway lines by taking preventive measures concerning Railway affecting tanks.

  • Riverbank protection works.

  • Construction and maintenance of Lift irrigation schemes.

  • Protection works to the agricultural land in the coastal area to avoid salt water.

  • Formation of Water Users Association for completed tanks and handing over the tanks to them for the purpose of maintenance and repairs (community-based scheme).

  • A joint inspection by the Irrigation and Revenue department for fixing of water rates periodically. Revenue Collection task is taken by the Revenue Department.

  • Maintenance of Statistics pertaining to M.I. works.

  • Maintenance of general administration, inspection of the activities of the subordinate offices.


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Sri CS Puttaraju,
Minister for Minor Irrigation,
Government of Karnataka

Sri. C.Mruthyunjaya Swamy, K.E.S
Secretary to Government.
Minor irrigation and groundwater development department.
Government of Karnataka